No matter what we curate and create around our product, the product page will remain a vital part of any e-commerce development company.

If you are thinking of a reason for this, a product page is one of the most important call-to-action page of the web development process, where the customer makes the decision to buy something (or not, of course). Thus, it is vital for e-commerce development that your product page is made as ‘encouraging’ as possible. 

Why does it matter in web development services and a business?

Let us try and explain this with an example where you visit 2 e-commerce sites, both selling shoes.

The first e-commerce website you visit features multiple high-quality images, detailed specifications, customer reviews, and even a video showing the shoes from multiple angles.

The second website features just one photo of the shoes, very little information about size and colour options, and zero customer reviews.

Which site are you more likely to purchase from? Obviously, the first one.

Make Your Product Page In E-Commerce Development Outstanding  

1. How To Play Around The Product Name?

A product name should be concise and catchy. However, for the product details page, a longer name is more suitable. Remember, each word is a keyword for fair organic reach. For example – ‘XYZ Shoes’ would not get reach as high as ‘XYZ Comfortable Road Running Size 8 Shoes’.

Feather to the cap is that a longer product name also makes it easier for the customers to get exactly what they were looking for. 

2. A Product Description Should Really Be A “Description”

Yes, when talking about description, factual information around your product like name, material, size, price, specification is not the only thing that a consumer wants to know about.

It is also important to make the consumer aware of the advantages they might achieve by having the product.

3. Can You Display Your Product Vividly?

Tangible products are really dependent on their look and feel. With the e-commerce disruption, the priority of the feel of the product has been rendered, but the look of the product  becomes all the more important.

Use photo shoots of your products for high-resolution images in different t angles. 

Nowadays, video descriptions and 3-d detailing are gaining popularity to make your product virtually visible. You can also opt for these options if the budget allows. 

4. Do They Trust You?

Certain elements are not even an option when you want to sell more than just ideas on the internet. These include the following – 

5. Leverage Social Merchants

‘Word of mouth’ and ‘social media’ have been more sought after than anything else when surveyed about  product or brand familiarity . Hence, having a social presence is equal to having social merchandise.

Promote your product page as much as you can on different social media platforms depending on the profile of your target audience. This shall also attract those users who weren’t looking to buy your products, in the first place. In this case, social media may act as an influencer. 

6. Customer Reviews attract Customers that shall review

Undoubtedly, consumers scroll down to the end of the page just to read the content they feel isn’t fabricated and written by an actual buyer or user like them only.

Customer reviews are an effective way to build both trust and business. Always ensure that you maintain the hygiene of the reviews periodically so that you do not miss out on important leads that could have been converted.

7. Wait, Is This The Call-to-Action (CTA)?

Goes without saying that if there hasn’t been a prompt CTA, all the above points will go in vain. Use simple and more known CTAs like ‘Add To Cart’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Shop Now’. If you want to try something different, it is alright as long as it clearly indicates its use. 

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