Are you into the business of generating leads? Here we will take you through how you can generate leads via your google ads campaign without taking users to your landing page or through your website.

The traditional process of generating leads is by directing the traffic to the landing page, where users will fill in the contact information or visit the other pages for more information. This process can be not only obsolete but also costly. Here, the advertiser can face problems like slow-loading pages, resulting in a high bounce rate and a decrease in conversion rate.

Now Google has recently announced the release of lead form extension, which was in BETA form since 2019 as reported by DMS insights.

Lead form extension allows the advertiser to capture any leads from their search campaign. These features include CTA, which helps the users in the buying process and increases in conversion rate. Lead forms work only as an extension to a search campaign, so all bidding and targeting options are determined by the campaign your form is attached to.

How does leads form extension work?

Leads form extensions have a similar appearance to the promotion extension. They are displayed in a call-out box with an icon. When collecting the leads, you can ask for their full name, contact number, email id, etc. This data can be transmitted via webbook to your CRM system, and you will receive this in real-time. So, you can download the leads which are submitted in the last 30 days.

Before you begin with the new features, keep some requirements in mind.

Google leads form extension is only available on mobile on desktop and tablets and cannot be shown on the desktop.
You can only create the extension at the campaign level and not on the ad group or account level.
Some industries like healthcare, gambling or politics will not be able to collect information with lead forms.
Google has strict data collection policies, so before you collect the data with the lead form extension, you must comply with your company-provided privacy policy. While creating the ad, it will ask you to fill in the company privacy policy URL.

What are the benefits of lead form extension?

  • Pre-filled form for better conversion – Google will prefill the users’ data for the logged users, making it easier for the users to fill the form.
  • Improve Google search ad conversion rate – Google reports that beta tester sees an improved conversion rate.
  • Easy implementation – You do not need to coordinate with a web developer to create a lead form. You can create the extension and go live instantly.
  • Mobile-ready – Mobile is the most used device, and 80% of Google searches are performed on mobile. This extension is only available on mobile and tablets, making it a win-win situation for marketers and users alike.

In today’s world, where most people browse the web from mobile, one of the best ways for the business to drive leads is with the native lead generation ads, which are designed for mobile. As advertisers, we should always try to test out the new features and check whether it is beneficial to our business or not.

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